A Newsletter Worth Reading

By john

Rodney Lensch was a significant leader during the Charismatic Renewal.  Personally, I have been significantly influenced over the years by his clear and theologically accurate teachings.  His ministry is called Rod & Staff Ministies and he continues to speak prophetically to the church via a quarterly newsletter called Rod & Staff.  I just read this fall's issue and would like to share a PDF copy of it with you.

It's Not a Niche Book!

By john

At first glance Understanding the Prophetic Nature appears to be a book targeted at Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors and prophets. If that were truly the case it would be accurate to call it a "niche book." I don’t consider it to be that limited in its scope, but it was recently pointed out to me that even the book's title forces it into a niche market. There is some truth to that assertion. However, when choosing the title I wasn't unaware that, while it is accurate to the focus and purpose of the book, it could very well cause people to categorize it narrowly.

The Trusting Bride of Christ

By john

Marriage Metaphors

On a Saturday morning, last spring…

This morning I woke up way too early. It was my regular time when I get up, have my quiet time, do a short work out and get ready for work, but it was still way too early. It's Saturday, for heaven’s sake! This is a sleep in day! But, there I was, wide-eyed awake, my wife snuggled under my arm sleeping and still, a breeze stirring the curtain – all at 5:00 AM!

Old Charlie

By john

Fairfield is the only incorporated town in Camas County, Idaho where I grew up. Two miles north of Fairfield is a used-to-be-a-town location called Soldier. When I was still a boy there was an old man living in Soldier who went by the name of Charlie Bailey. At the time of this story Charlie was quite elderly and was reaching the point of not being able to take care of himself.