By john

Well, we’re back from our latest trip so I thought I’d add a quick post to get us going again. I have two items I want to talk to you about.

First comes a quickie. Open your print Bible, turn to the table of contents, and start memorizing the sequence of the books of the Bible. Having those down will greatly simplify your Bible study times. My eight-year-old grandson did this in two and a half days. I did the same thing when I was his age, though maybe not quite that quickly. I’m guessing that if I had to do it now that I am approaching the age of ancient decrepitude, it would take me much longer. Anyway, get yourself started, give yourself a week to get it accomplished, and then you will have a tool that the Holy Spirit can use to make your Bible study time more effective.

Second, and I’ve touched on this a little bit already, remember that God is your teacher and He will sequence your learning as He sees fit. Speaking as a former math teacher, no one learns a complex subject all at once. The learning needs to be doled out one small bite at a time. Otherwise, our students become overwhelmed and then give up. Children also develop at different rates. For instance, some children need to wait until they are much older before they are able to learn to read. Parents, of course, know their children best and when they choose to wait for that readiness to be in place, their children not only learn to read, but they then advance in their reading skills amazingly fast. In the same way, consider how God is our Father and no one knows better when we are ready to learn the many things He has to show us than He does. The Holy Spirit is leading us into all truth (John 16:13) and will open up the scriptures as He sees fit. Remember that He loves you and it is His chief joy to gently reveal Himself to you through the word of God. What an awesome journey it is for us to walk with Him and learn by His side!

Speaking as a former high school teacher, again, let me illustrate why it’s best to let the Lord direct your learning. It is utterly amazing how many young students are totally convinced that they know exactly how their life is going to play out. Usually they would inform me of that phenomenal insight by way of explaining to me why they didn’t need to learn their math. Of course, they did need to learn their math and their parents and I did our best to make that happen. Tell me, just when in your life did you reach the point that you really did know the path you were going to take? Personally, I’m still waiting for that moment – in my mid-sixties. The standard speech I always gave to those intransigent students emphasized that we never know how life is going to play out and that life tends to throw us lots of unexpected curveballs. Since no one knows where his/her life path is going to take us (still speaking to my students), the elders in their lives (their math teacher included) are trying to make sure they are as well-prepared as possible for whatever comes their way. Learning math is part of that preparation. (As are language arts, history, science, & etc.) God, however, knows exactly how life is going to play out for us. He knows exactly what skills and knowledge we will need and so has a perfect, tailor-crafted curriculum He is walking us through. So, when you are puzzling over a particular piece of scripture and the revelation just doesn’t seem to be coming, don’t fret about it. The revelation will come in His timing when it fits best into His curriculum.

I don’t know about you, but being able to trust Him with my learning and development – well, I just find it to be so very peaceful!