<p>The title says it all.&nbsp; God's nature and how He interacts with us is reflected in the marriage relationship.&nbsp; This book explores that reality.&nbsp; Coupling a theological foundation with concrete examples and activities, Pastor Reagan uses the complementary nature of marriage, along with the understanding that each human being was created in God's image, to show us how God built Himself into each and every marriage.&nbsp; This book helps us understand how the masculine and feminine natures each reflect God and complement each other.&nbsp; By helping us see Him reflected in our marriages,<em><strong> God Revealed: Finding God in the Marriage Relationship</strong></em> helps us see God for who He is, thus enriching our lives and deepening our relationship with Him.</p>

Book # 3 is now live!!!

By john

Well, it's live!  My third book, God Revealed: Finding God in the Marriage Relationship, is now available on both Amazon and Ingram Spark.  I put links to the Amazon listing and some samples below.  I haven't yet put the new book up on the website, www.johntreagan.com, but that will come sometime soon.  The book's theme is about how God has revealed Himself through the marriage relationship.  Every marriage is a mini-picture of how He deals with the church and with us as individuals.  We get to see Him and get

The Trusting Bride of Christ

By john

Marriage Metaphors

On a Saturday morning, last spring…

This morning I woke up way too early. It was my regular time when I get up, have my quiet time, do a short work out and get ready for work, but it was still way too early. It's Saturday, for heaven’s sake! This is a sleep in day! But, there I was, wide-eyed awake, my wife snuggled under my arm sleeping and still, a breeze stirring the curtain – all at 5:00 AM!