By john

End of November, 2016 -- A word of prophecy.

I understand, says the Lord.  I understand the depth of your hurt.  I understand the conflict of your soul.  I understand what it is like to love God’s people with all your heart, and be rejected by them.


I understand!


I understand the pain of being silenced.  They shove you aside and will not hear what you have to say – words that come from Me.  They will not let you speak!  Truly, I do understand, says the Lord.

Know this, you whom I have called to carry My prophetic voice, I called you to share My heart!  I called you to share My frustration when My people embrace Satan’s teaching.  I called you to stand with Me when My people – My precious ones for whom I died – reject My words.  I called you to be My friend and be by My side.