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Sorry that I took so long to get this post up.  However, as promised, here is a PDF of the notes I have taken on Daniel Chapter 2.  Those notes have been accumulating over several years.  I'm sharing them now because I've started working through the dreams and visions of the book of Daniel, seeking a deeper understanding of what the Lord showed him and what still remains to be fulfilled in our day.  Just a few minutes ago, before I started writing this post, I read through the PDF one more time.  I wanted to refresh my mind on their content before I started writing.  It struck me as I was flipping through it, that little is ever said by commentators (myself included) about the eastern half of the Roman empire.  Current events, especially the Russian invasion of Ukraine, make that aspect of the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's dream (the two iron legs) significant.  We very much dislike the Russian nation right now because of this war, but we can't forget that Russia is, essentially, a western nation with, through the Eastern Orthodox branch of the Christian churches, a Christian background.  The feet of mixed clay and iron are fragile and don't adhere well to one another, but they won't be shattered until the Rock of Christ crushes them.  The threat of war spreading to become another massive conflict is still there simply because, as already pointed out, the western nations do not adhere to one another well.  Yet we still live in hope for we know that whatever happens on the worldwide event scene, in the Rock of Christ we are and will be safe. 

I hope you enjoy the notes.  Just click on the link below.

Notes on Daniel Chapter 2 by John Reagan


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