By john

Those of you who have read my second book, The Gift of Tongues: A Tool in the Hand of God, are probably familiar with the Broken Leaf Ministries imprint I used when publishing it.  I also used that imprint when publishing my latest book, God Revealed: Finding God in the Marriage Relationship.  That book, now live on Amazon, was also published under the Broken Leaf Ministries imprint.  Yet Broken Leaf Ministries is more than just a publishing imprint.  Over the last few years, God has been fleshing out, in my heart and thinking, a broader vision for that ministry.  I'll talk about that vision with you in a future post, but my goal today is to share a related project and request your prayers to support it.  I'm calling it Project Ukraine which is focused on translating The Gift of Tongues book into the Ukrainian language.  We are in the process of setting up a crowd-funding effort using the service.  That effort is actually getting kind of complicated.  The Givesendgo setup itself wasn't too difficult and it's basically ready to go.  However, it isn't live yet because, in order to do this right and handle the money in an accountable manner, Broken Leaf Ministries needs to be formally incorporated as a non-profit so that we can open a bank account for the ministry.  Then the money from the crowdfunding effort will have a defined place to go and be accounted for.  Getting the ministry incorporated is where the complications come in and that's what I'm asking you to pray over.  The whole process is way outside my comfort or skill zone, so, please pray that all the details will get put in place without any mess-ups.