Well, it's finally out there!  I finished my new book last Fall, but it's taken this long to get the publishing finished.  It's published with two distributors:  Ingram Spark (IS) (to take advantage of their massive, worldwide distribution system) and now, finally, Amazon.com.  Getting it listed with IS was relatively easy, although, since it was my first time trying out this indie publishing thing, it did take me a while to work through.  They have a good system, though.  It went well and both the e-book and print versions have been available to retailers through IS since last September. (Note:  Ingram Spark is a wholesaler.  To purchase the book you have to go through a retailer who buys from them.)

Then I tackled publishing with Amazon.  The e-book version was easy and the Kindle version of this book has been available for several months.  Their system snagged up with the print version, however.  I tried everything I could think of to get it to work.  Joined a forum and followed the advice I got there, but nothing worked.  I finally gave up.  Then I got a new (temporary) job long-term subbing in a math class for a local high school and didn't have time to work on it anymore.  About a month ago I finally managed to talk to a real person at KDP (Amazon's publishing wing) and he fixed the problem.  Now, if you log onto Amazon you can see it listed and, of course, purchase a copy for yourself.

The Gift of Tongues:  A Tool in the Hand of God

While you're there, check out my first book:

Understanding the Prophetic Nature

Coming soon...  God Revealed:  Finding God in the Marriage Relationship