For those of you interested in the Prophetic Movement and are seeking to understand what God is doing these days with what seems like a bizarre and aberrant ministry, here are some thoughts you might be interested in.  In watching and listening to prophets and prophetically gifted people I have experienced a growing concern.  Far too many individuals calling themselves "prophets" are making pronouncements and presenting teachings that don't line up with the word of God, aren't proven accurate by events or investigation, and don't receive the approval of the Holy Spirit.  One could easily and accurately tag these people as false prophets.  I'm going to go even further and make a rather imflammatory statement -- this falsity and inaccuracy is true of most of those claiming to have a prophetic ministry.  It saddens me to see it because it is motivating many to reject the prophetic ministry altogether.  Pastor Loren Sandford of New Song Church in Denver has written some really good things on that topic so I'm passing a link on to you here:

Loren Sandford on the Prophetic Ministry

We must learn to discern the voice of the true prophet amongst all the false speakers.