[caption]Image removed.Pi Day Pies by Ruth[/caption]

From 2007-2010 I taught math in the tiny school in Willow Creek, Montana.  The drive from Butte sometimes got quite interesting, especially during a bad storm on Homestake Pass.  Still, I survived.  Willow Creek was a great place to teach and I taught all the math classes for both the Jr. & Sr. High students.  You might say I was the Math Department.   :>)  

In March of 2010 I decided to celebrate Pi Day with my classes and had the bright idea of baking mini-pies and Ruth volunteered to do the work.  I told her to only do a few, but she, being the really nice person she is, did enough for the whole school!  (With only 42 students in grades 7-12 it was doable, but still a lot of work.)  Anyway, every student and every teacher (and even some of the sixth graders who came up to check out the math room) got a pie for Pi Day and we all sang Pi Day carols.  (Of course, I somehow managed to get several pies all to myself before they went out the door.)  It was a great time!

Oh, just so you know, the order of importance for special days of the year goes like this:  Easter (because that's when Jesus rose from the dead), Christmas (because that's when He came to live with us), Pi Day (because I'm a math teacher and think irrationally about irrational numbers), and Independence Day (this is fourth because it happens on July 4th -- get it the fourth is on the 4th......  :>). 

Have a great Pi Day, everyone!