By john

Ruth and I attend the Eugene Vineyard Church.  We meet in the building of a Church of God Seventh Day congregation and, since they have their church on Saturdays and we hold ours on Sundays, it works out really, really well.  The Seventh Day congregation owns a rather large lot and in the space behind the building sits a really large, spreading Elm tree that has a large space beneath its canopy big enough to hold a church service.  So, for the month of August, we are holding our services outside, "under the elm".  That said, our pastor and our sound tech are very much in need of a break, so for the four Sundays in August, I am doing the preaching.  It's been really fun for this retired pastor to get to preach a little and I've been enjoying it.  Since we aren't recording with the church's equipment, last Sunday, August 7, I plugged a cheap lapel mic into my tablet and recorded the sermon.  It is titled Feeding on Jesus and takes the listener on a fast run through most of John Chapter 6.  My hope is that this sermon will help enrich my listener's understanding and experience with the sacrament of communion, moving them into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  Here's a link to the audio file:

Feeding on Jesus, Pastor John T. Reagan, August 7, 2022

Yesterday (August 14) I preached on the remaining verses of John 6, and, unfortunately, the recording just didn't come out.  Which is too bad.  I think my readers would have gotten something good out of that sermon.  Anyway, enjoy the first sermon and we'll see how the recording works next Sunday.

God bless!