By john

On the first Sunday of October 2011 Ruth and I held the last service of Living Water Fellowship Church.  I preached to an empty room (except for Ruth) that morning.  During the four preceding years we had been attempting to plant Living Water Fellowship Church in Butte, Montana and, fully expecting that God was going to gather to us chosen people who would help make it work, I had written a blog dealing with the subject of Spiritual Warfare as a primer for people who were coming on board.  There is a lot of good insight contained in that blog and I intend to leave it up -- but I need to bring the Butte chapter to a close.  With that in mind I am writing a series of posts designed to bring that closure.  The first can be found at this link:

Finishing the Race #1

By all means, read that last post.  I shared some of my heart in what I wrote.  Unfortunately you probably won't get the full benefit without reading the rest of the blog so I suggest you scroll to the bottom and start reading.  I'm convinced that you will benefit by taking the time to do that.  Remember -- READ FROM THE BOTTOM!  

More posts are coming, so you may want to follow my spiritual warfare blog so you get notice of when they are posted.  Hopefully you have already followed this one.

God bless!